Perhaps you have been wondering, is there a 360 degree appraisal system? Well, it is a systematic method that assesses employee’s performance and productivity regarding given criteria and business objectives. In terms of measuring employee’s performance, many employers use a huge selection of performance measurement tools available for sale. In many instances, these techniques do not give the particular results so in retrospect most employers have moved to 360 degrees appraisal system.

A 360 degrees appraisal system is in reality a procedure for evaluation that involves measuring employee’s performance anonymously in four dimensions. Workers are appraised by their managers, peers, external stakeholders and self evaluation also. With this particular system, every participant is needed to give honest feedback about the individual employee’s performance. Each respondent is disseminated with questionnaires and inspired to complete, they should score and provides the specified feedback in regards to the employee. Questionnaires are usually based on positive behaviors that can bring about top rated within the organization.


The principle purpose of all over appraisal system it to supply actual link between employees’ performance relating to workplace competencies. Between eight to 12 workers are asked to rate employees giving reasons to their marks where possible. When somebody has rated by his/her colleagues the results will be actual since these are the basic people whom he associates within day by day work activities.


They include customers and companies that employee relates with. They are given questionnaires to rate employee’s performance and provide their feedback. This is helpful considering that the management will not only have the ability to determine individual employee’s performance but probably have the ability to know customers perception towards company with these questionnaires.


Managers evaluate the employee’s behaviors and competences to determine their training needs.

Personal Evaluation

It is necessary for the individual employee to become asked queries about their weaknesses and strengths. The truth is we realize ourselves superior to anybody else can. With 360 degrees appraisal system, employees also get a chance to measure their own performance and answer exactly the same questionnaires with their managers, peers and also other stakeholders.

All over appraisal product is an enhancement tool for managers and leaders in an organization. It helps them to get a much better knowledge of their good and bad points. This appraisal system presents them the actual results in a clear format and they’re able to craft their development plan.

Is there an all over appraisal system, as well as what does it measure? Well its dimensions are these:

  • Behavior and competences
  • Other people’s perception of the employee along with the organization
  • Skills, such as setting goals and planning
  • Leadership effectiveness, character, teamwork etc.
  • However, there are those areas that 360 degree appraisal system doesn’t measure. They’re:
  • Employees performance objectives (MBOs)
  • Extent this agreement employees meet basic job requirement
  • Technical job-related skills
  • Objectives for example attendance, sales quotas etc

Besides being used just as one evaluation tool operational it is also used as self improvement tool to exhibit employees areas that need improvement throughout their everyday living. Can be your company searching for a strategy to rate employee’s performance? 360 degrees appraisal system is the greatest. Not only will it manage to measure relevant competencies but probably offer you a clearer check out employee from a wider perspective of various individuals.